Thursday, March 20, 2014

Mantorville council discusses new hire, sheriff candidate pays a visit

By Gretta Becay

At their meeting March 10, 2014, Mantorville City council members scheduled three meetings for 6:30 p.m. March 18, 19, and 20 at city hall to interview separately the three candidates selected as finalists for assistant city clerk.

Mayor Chuck Bradford and City Clerk/Finance Director Cami Reber said all the candidates had appropriate computer skills and all had worked with the public.

Dodge County Sheriff’s Investigator Scott Rose visited the council and talked about his background and his decision to run for sheriff in this year’s election. Rose said he has been in law enforcement since 1996. During this time he served in the Kasson Police Depart-ment and in the sheriff’s department as a dispatcher, a patrol officer and now as an investigator. Rose said running for sheriff is a goal he’s had since he started his law enforcement career.  He said one of the projects he is most proud of was the installation of computers in the patrol cars about 10 years ago.

Council member Barbara Ballard asked Rose if using a computer while driving was safer than texting. Rose said sometimes officers need information about the call they are responding to that would affect their safety so they need a way to communicate with dispatch that is more secure than the radio.

Swenke Ims Contracting, LLC will be placing riprap below the dam as soon as possible. The weather has prohibited the work up until now.

Council members also discussed briefly:
• What civic group should pay for tourism advertising?
• Location options for the Kasson-Mantorville sports-team congratulatory sign.
• The new 8-foot tall fence at Dennison Field.
• Needed repairs for the south shelter in the park.
• Can the city really afford a new grader and the Seventh Street project this year?
The next regular meeting for the council is 6:30 p.m. March 24 at city hall.

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  1. Has the city also looked at creating driving turn lanes for school buses and other vehicles? There are no right turn lanes for vehicles to pull into when making a right turn off of HWY 57 by Houstons Garden. Cars are pulling out and around on that road and only an accident is waiting to happen.


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